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Have you been thinking about changing the color of your smile for upcoming family pictures or a special occasion? If so, we invite you to visit Morrison Dental Group here in Williamsburg and Norge, VA, to receive an in-office teeth whitening procedure to enhance your smile’s appearance. Our dentist is pleased to offer professional teeth whitening at our office to brighten yellowed and stained teeth.

The procedures for teeth whitening performed in a dental office tend to be significantly more effective than using a whitening product that you bought from a store. This is because professional treatment utilizes high-end materials and advanced techniques to achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile. In as little as one hour, a whitening treatment at our office can lighten the color of a tooth as much as eight shades, creating results that can enhance your smile for several months.

To begin the process of teeth whitening, we custom create a dental tray to fit comfortably in your unique mouth shape and cover every tooth with the whitening solution while keeping your gum tissue safe from any irritation. The tray are filled with a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide, and then you will bite down to hold the tray in place while the bleaches lighten tooth color and dissolve stains, making your teeth look brighter. We can further enhance the tooth color by then adding a dental laser to the procedure to activate the whitening gel.

If you are interested in experiencing professional teeth whitening in Williamsburg and Norge, VA, then contact our team at 757-258-7778 today!