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Did you know that dental crowns made with CEREC® can be designed and created to conceal and protect damaged teeth in as little as a day? CEREC dental crowns can provide the strong and amazing smile iou deserve when you visit Morrison Dental Group. Our dentist and team are pleased to tell you more about the benefits of CEREC technology.

CEREC enhances the process of placing a dental crown because it eliminates the need for temporary crowns and the traditional wait period. Traditionally, a temporary dental crown is placed over a treated tooth while a dental lab creates the permanent dental crown and ships it to the dental office, which can take a few weeks. At Morrison Dental Group, our CEREC crowns are created directly in our office and can be cemented to your smile in the same visit.

We customize your CEREC crown using state-of-the-art computer technology to match the size, shape, and color of your surrounding teeth and is based on your specific needs. With proper care, a CEREC dental crown should last more than a decade before repairs or replacement are needed.

For more information about CEREC, contact our skilled dental team at 757-258-7778 today. We look forward to helping your smile achieve its fullest potential with a CEREC dental crown in Williamsburg, Virginia!