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Seeking help from your dentist as soon as you realize you might have a cavity is an important step in preventing the cavity from becoming difficult to treat. Untreated cavities will eventually result in advanced decay that needs root canal therapy. If you know the symptoms of a cavity, you can take steps to treat it now before it reaches an advanced and devastating stage.

We encourage you to maintain six-month visits with one of our dentists so that we can detect any developing tooth decay that may not be showing symptoms yet. But if you are experiencing signs of a cavity now, come visit our office as soon as possible.

One of the very first symptoms you may experience is a dental pain–it may be a consistent toothache, or you may only feel discomfort when biting down. Another indicator is seemingly unexplained tooth sensitivity that developed suddenly. Some cavities can even be visible as holes that appear in the tooth surface or small black or dark brown spots.

Early detection of a cavity allows for more conservative treatment, such as a simple bonding. If the decay is extensive enough that the tooth enamel has been compromised, our dentist may need to extract the decayed area and place a dental filling.

Please feel free to contact Morrison Dental Group at 757-258-7778 today if you are interested in receiving treatment for a cavity in Williamsburg, Virginia. Our dentists will gladly work with you to develop a treatment plan that puts your smile in good standing.