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No doubt, since the time you were a young child, you have been told that too much candy or sweets will give you a cavity. This is not just a ploy by your parents to convince you to hand over some of your candy. Our experienced dental team in Williamsburg, VA, and Norge, VA, will reveal how sugary food causes cavities.

A dental cavity is a hole in the surface of a tooth that was caused by tooth decay. It occurs when harmful acids found in your mouth remain on the teeth long enough to eat away at the protective tooth enamel. But where do these harmful acids come from and how can we prevent them?

One cause is carbs and food high in sugar. The high concentration of sugar mixes with the bacteria found naturally in your smile and converts to the cavity-causing dental acid. If not removed with a toothbrush, string of floss, or mouthwash, the acid remains on the teeth and chews away the tooth enamel until a cavity forms. Hard or sticky food high in sugar are especially prone to creating cavities because their sticky, solid composition allows them to stick to your teeth stubbornly. Once stuck to your teeth, they can be hard to remove.

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