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Left untreated, a cavity on one tooth can encourage tooth decay to develop on the surrounding teeth. As it progresses, infected roots and severe dental fractures can cause the loss of multiple teeth in the area. If the problem is severe, our team in Williamsburg, VA, might recommend extracting the remaining material from your gums.

After suturing the periodontal tissues in the area, our team will likely provide you with a prescription for pain management medication. This will help you remain comfortable while your gums heal. When you’re ready, we can start the process of restoring the missing teeth with a dental bridge mounted to a pair of dental implants.

The process starts with a minimally invasive oral surgery to install a pair of titanium dental implants into the existing bond structure. Once everything has healed and the dental implants have fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissues, the abutments will be prepared with the structural integrity to anchor a bridge in the void.

Once the dental work has been cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive, it will fully replace the function of the appearance of your missing teeth. If you have suffered a severe dental trauma and you are in the Williamsburg, VA, area, you should call 757-258-7778 to seek treatment at Morrison Dental Group.