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Here at Morrison Dental Group, we consider dentistry an art. It is an advanced way for our team of dentists, to sculpt, form, and perfect your teeth, and just like any other artist, our doctors are passionate about their work. We are ready to work our hardest to give you the smile you are dreaming of. All you need to do is contact our practice in Williamsburg, VA, by calling 757-258-7778, so we can schedule an appointment.

There are a plethora of treatments that we can use to make your teeth glow confidently and brightly, including:

Tooth Whitening — Did you know that you can get your teeth whitened in the office? Our tooth whitening treatments are powerful and, with proper oral hygiene, lasting. With tooth-whitening treatments, your teeth will shine brightly and happily.

Dental Implants — This method utilizes titanium rods and prosthetic teeth to fully replace any missing teeth. The rods are attached to the jaw and emerge from the gums. The prosthetics are connected to the titanium rods, and you have a full set of teeth again. It is a simple treatment and will leave your mouth looking better than ever.

Veneers — Small, white, plates of ceramic are sculpted to fit your teeth then cemented to them. These will cover any blemish, discoloration, or damage.

Fillings and Inlays — We can correct any cavities by filling them with a hardening solution called a filling or creating a piece that fits into the tooth called an inlay.

Of course, there are more treatments that we can use to perfect your teeth. We can definitely inform you about what treatment is best for you when you come into our practice. To schedule an appointment with us in Williamsburg, VA, call 757-258-7778.