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Did you know that aging and dental health go hand in hand? As you age, the wear and tear on your oral health can become more prominent if you are not actively taking steps to keep your smile shining. As you age, keep your smile spectacular with top-notch oral health care routines.

Always remember to brush your teeth at least twice every single day and be sure to floss every day. To help you with better cleaning tactics, consider switching to an electric toothbrush and a water flosser. Also, make sure your brush has soft bristles and your floss is shred resistant. For additional help, look for products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance or speak with your dentist about product recommendations.

If you constantly partake in bad habits such as chewing tobacco or smoking, your teeth will remain at a higher risk for failure. As you age, the effects of these negative habits on your smile will only worsen. Quit bad habits and take steps to a healthy smile with a healthy lifestyle. Also, be sure to visit your dentist for bi-annual professional cleanings and regularly scheduled checkups.

Make sure to take good care of your teeth so that they can last a lifetime. For more information about oral health care habits as you age, schedule an oral exam with Dr. Robert Morrison and our team at Morrison Dental Group, give us a call at 757-258-7778. Our dentist office is conveniently located in Williamsburg, Virginia. We look forward to seeing you soon!