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When a tooth is lost to untreated tooth decay, dental trauma, or treatment-based extraction, it can cause several complications. This could include the impaired ability to chew, slurred speech, or affected smile appearance. As time goes on, the nearby teeth could gradually react to the structural void, altering their positions. This could cause chips, dental fractures, or dental attrition issues with the related teeth in your dentition.

To prevent these complications and restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth, Dr. Robert Morrison might recommend a dental bridge restoration.

Your dentist will start by removing the tooth enamel from each of the neighboring teeth to form a pair of post-like abutments. This creates a small, protective sheath that houses the healthy pulp and root of the tooth. The two abutments will eventually anchor the final bridge in your mouth.

Our team will then create a detailed impression of the abutments as well as any other corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab to help guide the technicians as they produce your new bridge.

When it’s ready, your dentist will cement the bridge onto the abutments with a strong dental adhesive.

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