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Is ClearCorrect® right for you? Are your teeth crooked, or do you have any misalignment issues with your jaw? If so, then you may be a candidate for a ClearCorrect orthodontic aligner system. ClearCorrect differs from standard braces in the customization and flexibility the product offers, along with removability during treatment, and lack of metal products used in their creation.

Here some simple questions concerning ClearCorrect:

Question: Where can I go to get ClearCorrect?
Answer: You can visit our office in Williamsburg, Virginia by booking an appointment with us at 757-258-7778.

Question: Are there any metal brackets or wires used with ClearCorrect?
Answer: No, there is no metal present. ClearCorrect is made with a patented clear thermoplastic material, which is safer for your teeth and gums. The clear design also makes the aligners very hard to detect, even for close family, friends, or peers.

Question: Can anybody get ClearCorrect?
Answer: ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment many not be the best option for each patient. Ask your orthodontist at Morrison Dental Group to ensure you are getting the best orthodontic care available to you.

Question: What are the benefits of ClearCorrect?
Answer: ClearCorrect aligners can be removed during treatment, allowing normal eating habits with no food restrictions. Because they are removable they are much easier to clean and care for.

The ClearCorrect aligner system is a great way to fix and correct smiles. To learn more about ClearCorrect, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Morrison give us a call today and see what ClearCorrect can do for you!